XCloud Networks

XCloud Networks fully automates the deployment and management of network infrastructure, enabling companies to own their network stack: be vendor-agnostic, reduce CapEx (capital expenditure), increase stability.


WiseLogger is a flexible, configurable, and user-friendly turn-key solution, developed by DataLogger, a Yerevan-based company, specialized in smart machines and Data acquisition, control systems.

Forest Guard

Forest Guard is a smart IOT sensor system which detects illegal logging, wildfire, illegal transport access and sends the coordinates on the map.


D'efekt is community powered content creation platform.

Cyber Mantis Games

We make games inspired by the Armenian culture.


Using affordable microcomputers and free software, we create a hardware and software platform, which will give SMEs the opportunity to use IT solutions.


An app that makes savings for you.


BooksPlus is a social networking program, where readers, books authors and publishers communicate with each other.