In last few years there is a growing interest in e-books. BooksPlus- is designed to meet all requirements in this area. In the book market there is also few sites like LibraryThing, Shelfari, Babelio, Goodreads, which allows them to search and buy books from book selling popular sites such as Amazon, invite friends and make discussions, distribute information about books and leave comments to book. Each of these sites has more than 100,000 users, which is an indication of the market demand. "BooksPlus that provides all these features, also offers its own special features designed to attract market, most of them are: • Subscription - Each user can subscribe to publisher or author and get news about their activities. • Direct communication between publisher and user - publishers can get statistics of subscribed users activities in the form of graphic images and notifications. • Publishers can send emails to users or chat with them. • Markups - markups classified as songs, photos, videos or articles. Markups can be added through special search mechanism that uses resources from the internet, which is the way to collect all information related to book. • book audio version – user can search books audio versions • Super User- Each user gets points for specific action. After reaching pre-set amount of points the user is called the ""Super User"". This degree will allow users to access a wide range of features, such as sending an email and notifications to friends, get friends scores statistics. • Mobile applications ( Android, iOS ) • Augmented reality - allows users to hold their books on a mobile device, to get additional information about it. Additional Information is added by the publishers, which can be a video, text, images, 3D objects and etc. • Voice and video call • Search books by voice commands. • Search books via book covers • Control application by voice command • ISBN scanning – with mobile device user can scan the ISBN code of book and search it in internet. • Multilanguage support