Penny is a mobile app that will help people to make savings from day to day spending. Users need to link their card to the app and make savings rules, so based on that rules Penny automatically will move funds from users' checking account to their savings account with Penny. For example our user can set a rule to save 10% from all entertainment spending. Next time when he will spend for example $10 in bars or in cafes, Penny will detect it as an entertainment spending and automatically will take another 1 dollar from users' checking account and will put it to his savings account in Penny. So, what he have is that he spent $10 on entertainment, but have also made 1$ saving without even noticing it(lets agree that almost nobody cares that he spent a couple of bucks more or less in such places). And that is the all magic. Penny will automatically keep savings balance up for users and on the same way it can easily save from spending like cigarettes, food, groceries, shopping and so on.