The main objective of the ELMA team is to provide the public with quality, accurate, clear and accessible information in their respective areas of interest. This is one of the possibilities provided by the development of information technology. Access to electronic cartography services, including all-in-one databases and free access to information verified by professi-onals, but at the same time it is available for editing. ELMA makes the Republic of Armenia a unique country, providing over-accuracy spatial data which in its turn will enable to imple-ment high-tech, innovative and unique programs in different areas, such as full automation of the transport system, self-driving cars, etc. Our priority is to making simple, fast and relia-ble search way for which information you need. ELMA can also be a platform that will link the consumer's proposals and complaints to the relevant media. We work for each of you. Recognize amazing Armenia with ELMA.