FoldInk is an Armenian Innovative Startup. We focuse on the development of 3D Bioprinting technologies, that allows researchers to print human living organs and tissues. Biofabricated tissues are used in pharmacological research and development of costemtics and pharmaceutical products. Our aim is to reach to clinical applications of 3D printed organs and tissues in the future. The usage of biofabricated organs can solve the worldwide lack of organ-transplants, which estimated to be the leading cause of death even in high developed countries. 3D Bioprinting companies suggest products with high-cost, which are unavailable for most of developing countries. We have created a prototype of low-cost Microextrusion Syringe-Based Bioprinting System, which work on hydrogels. We believe that low-cost bioprinters can contribute the development and availability of 3D Bioprinting technology in developing countries like Armenia.