The ArmBionics project aims to develop rehabilitation systems for the people who have lost either a limb or limb control. We have started our project in Armenia, with a bionic arm. When something is disrupted in the neuromuscular, a person may become disabled. According to Eurostat, about 7 million people have an upper limb disability and only small number of them could regain the functionality via prosthetic. Prosthetic limbs are often costly, heavy, unattractive, have low functionality, and patients often prefer not to wear them. We solve this problem through diagnosis, design, manufacturing, and training. Our advantages include the fine customization of each prosthetic according to the person’s needs and training to improve functionality and user experience. For example, we can control the prosthetic with signals from the brain and the muscles. In our team, we combine biomedical knowledge, engineering, and computer science, allowing our clients to go beyond their disabilities.